The town of Calonge grew up around the castle and the church of Sant Martí. The castle, of medieval origin, has undergone many alterations, the last in the 19th C., and around it there are interesting houses from the 16th to 18th C.

Sant Antoni offers a wide variety of tourism services, thanks to its 3.5-kilometers-long beach which hosts all kinds of activities during the summer months. The most popular of all is perhaps the Active Summer programme, organised by the tourist office and including many activities for children.

From Sant Antoni you can walk along the coast following the Shore Walk, either by yourselves or by joining one of the tours organised by the village. You can also visit interesting watchtowers like the Torre Valentina, and fortified farmhouses like the Castle of Torre Lloreta.

Entering the Gavarres, there are natural caves which were inhabited in prehistoric times, and an important series of megalithic tombs: the dolmen de Puig Sesforques, the menhirs of Ruas, and others.

only 5 minutes away is the beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge which stretches along a 2 kilometers wide arc of fine, golden sand. There are good facilities such as water sports, restaurants and showers.

The local coastal region is typically made of pretty bays and coves, which make for an enjoyable day’s trip to the beach or a diving excursion in the temperate crystal clear waters.

Nearby are the cities of Girona, Barcelona and Figueres, all worth a visit for their architectural and historical interest. The French border is about a one hour drive away and the spectacular Pyrenees can be reached in approximately one hour and half. The area is dotted with unspoiled medieval villages like Pals, Monells and Madremanya and is part of the Les Gavarres National Park which extends to La Bisbal.

Golf There are a number of excellent golf courses nearby, and Five of which were voted among the top 50 golf courses in Europe by Golf World.

Leisure & Recreation
As the area possesses many wonderful paths and tracks, walking and cycling are very popular activities, as well as jogging for the even more energetic. Water sports like scuba diving are readily available at many locations within a few minutes. Fishing from the rocks or by boat can be arranged.

Eating out
There are many good restaurants at very affordable prices, a good number serving local Catalan specialties especially seafood.

The cuisine of Catalonia is rich and varied, especially the typical Mediterranean diet of fish and seafood, fresh vegetables, olives and olive oil, rice and pasta. Some traditional Catalan dishes to try are: Carn d'olla Escudella consisting of a vegetable with pork, veal and chicken. Pa amb tomàquet, is a rustic bread that is toasted, rubbed with tomato and dressed with oil and salt. This delicious breakfast can be served with ham, sausage or tortillas. Coca is a very thin dough baked with onions, peppers and other vegetables served with meat or fish (especially sardines).

An exciting nightlife is found mostly in Palamos and Playa d'Aro, usually beginning at midnight and lasting till dawn, with enough nightclubs for all tastes. There are also many bars in Sant Antoni de Calonge and on the boulevard there are many great eateries to be found.

The area has a Mediterranean climate of hot summers, tempered by sea breezes and mild winters with occasional rain.